Collaboration Ecosystem Partners

Collaboration Systems is creating an ecosystem of companies which excel in their areas of work and are bringing world class solutions to the industry. This page is dedicated to our partners who’re making the ecosystem flourish.
Rappel Cybersecurity is founded to address cybersecurity compliance of road vehicles and their subsystems. End-to-end consultation services including training sessions are provided to achieve and maintain compliance with related regulations and standards throughout the supply chain. Rappel Cybersecurity has industry partners to ensure accomplishment of all tasks with upmost quality.
Collaboration Systems offers a modernized Systems Engineering training jointly with Rappel Cybersecurity to help you gain solid ground in understanding, implementing and assuring that your solutions are compliant to required international regulations.
Change Vision is a visionary enterprise founded with core values of simplicity, quality, and community to innovate, inspire and create products Change Vision offers Astah suite of solutions for software and systems engineers to model complex architectures and enable communication of ideas.
Collaboration Systems offers a Systems and Software Engineering training based on Astah suite to empower and enable its users with necessary information. These training programs are customized according to end user needs.