Frequently Asked Questions

To correctly answer this question, one must search and think about the motivation behind this. If you’re looking to optimize cost, it is understandable, but migration projects are expensive, are time intensive and carry their own risk. So, if you see value, we will be pleased to work with you if our costs are covered.

The simple answer is No. We do not and do not intend to provide support for any issue task tracking system outside Ecosystem because we have a task/issue tracking systems which fit the needs of the industries according to the way people like to work. It is fully customizable for task names and workflows.

Indeed, you can. Pick the solutions as per your needs and we will customize the license for your need. On the other hand, you will miss out on productivity and cost savings.

The pricing of the product depends on the geography in which you’re located and this is based on purchasing power parity. When the project was conceived the founder wanted to create a cost-effective solution. Ecosystem remains the most affordable solution across the market in any geography for what it accomplishes.

The solutions and improvements to Ecosystem are co-created with customers, therefore they are stakeholders and partners in the evolution of Ecosystem. The roadmap is shared with customers only.