Ecosystem is designed to be a generic solution, which is industry agnostic. Ecosystem can serve the aviation, space, automotive, railways, nuclear, medical, shipping, transportation, automation, general systems, telecom, infrastructure, software and many more industries. Ecosystem is designed to support high level systems engineering needs across life cycle and the integrated processes.

Here’s a short list of the safety and operation critical industries, regulated by set of standards, for which you may seek compliance depending on your area of work. Ecosystem can support:

  • Aviation industry: ARP4761, ARP4754, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-330,  DO-347, DO-311 etc.,
  • Automotive industry: IEC 26262,
  • Nuclear industry: IEC 61503, IEC 60880, IEC 62138 etc.
  • Railways industry: IEC 62279 (EN 50128)
  • General: ISO 15288, ISO 9001

Ecosystem’s project management, technical management, quality management, configuration management and end user support applications are aligned to key industry requirements which streamline design, development, testing, risk management while maintaining compliance to standards. Teams can start from a concept, feasibility study and go to the full safety system life cycle. They can get the full context and visibility around a requirement in a project, thus reducing the probability of errors as well as the time thus reducing risk and cost of quality.