This group of applications is useful all along the system, product life cycle and more during the initial phases. The users can create:

  • Feasibility study, market study, technology study etc.: A number of studies need to be accomplished before a decision can be made for launching a complex system engineering. These studies allow stakeholders to validate a concept from multiple perspectives.
  • Concept of operations: Concept of operations is a document which describes a set of objectives, capabilities for a system from different stakeholder’s perspective and how they will be achieved while being free of any implementation.
  • Use Case Analysis: Use case is a way to describe a user scenario to stakeholders. It lists the sequence of actions performed by the actor and the system response to those actions. All successful and failure scenarios are recorded and analyzed for operations.

All these documents are assisted by templates and the applications allow the user to maintain full traceability at this level or to downstream requirements documents created after this analysis.